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The Thirst Is Real: Give Your Hair What She’s Been Begging For

The Thirst Is Real: Give Your Hair What She’s Been Begging For

If you live someplace with winter weather, even if it’s relatively mild, you know that it has a drastic impact on the health of your hair. Colder temperatures, hectic holiday schedules, dry air inside and out, and harsh wind, rain, and snow can leave your hair damaged, stressed, and oh-so-thirsty. Your hair is begging for better treatment this winter, beyond the hair care products you use. At Onesta, we believe everyone deserves great hair all year round, and we know that it takes more than just great products to get it done. Our hair care professionals have outlined three simple asks your hair makes in the winter, to keep her feeling and looking healthy. Keep reading to learn how to treat your hair right this season. 

1. Wear a Hat!

We know that the dreaded “hat hair” is no one’s cup of tea, but failing to wear a winter hat will have more dramatic consequences in the long run. Choosing the right hat is also important. Rough or tight fitting hats can cause breakage, so ditch the wool and opt for softer materials in loose fitting styles. Hats lined with satin, silk, suede, and soft felt will block your hair from harsh winter elements without damaging the fibers of your vulnerable winter locks. Make sure your hair is fully dry before donning your cap and heading out into the cold. 

2. Get a Humidifier 

Cold outdoor air is dry and damaging, so you’ll be excited to get back into the warmth of your home. There’s just one problem: that air is dry, too. Heaters blow out dry air that further leeches your hair’s moisture. A humidifier will put more moisture back into your home’s air and your hair will thank you for it. With a number of oil diffusing humidifiers on the market, you can create a cozy spa feel in your home during the winter months, protecting your hair and calming your mood. That sense of calm is a hidden hair perk, with stress being a major factor in hair loss. 

3. Prioritize Your Hair in the Shower

While a hot, steamy shower may be tempting during the colder months, it’s not great for your hair. The shock of the hot water in the cold air can cause moisture-leaching damage. Instead wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse it with cool water. You’ll also want to make sure to wash your hair less frequently in the winter to prevent overdrying and give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Avoid frequent heat-styling and always use a protective hair care product like Onesta’s Smooth & Shine Blow Dry Creme when you do style or blow dry. 

Quench Your Winter Hair with Onesta

Onesta knows that environmental hair hazards require extra-moisturizing hair care products. We have a number of organically-inspired moisturizing products, infused with nature’s most healing ingredients. Our Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner is full of coconut oil, hemp oil, and avocado butter to repair damage from dryness and lock in moisture.  Give your hair extra nourishment and shine with Luma Oil Serum. When it’s time for some deep conditioning, Onesta’s Hydro Moisture Masque provides vital nutrients and stimulating organic caffeine to promote healthy growth. Let this winter be your hair’s favorite winter to date with Onesta. Order today on our website and get hair-saving care delivered right to your door.

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