aloe leaves
aloe leaves
The Many Amazing Qualities of Aloe-Based Products

The Many Amazing Qualities of Aloe-Based Products

Aloe Vera has always been considered nature’s gift to health, beauty, and vitality. Packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, this antioxidant-rich succulent was calledthe plant of immortality” by the undeniably sexy Ancient Egyptians. What does this mean for your hair? A lot! Onesta is passionate about harnessing the restorative and beautifying powers of nature to help enhance your natural beauty. Here are a few of the many haircare benefits of aloe:

  1. Keep Hair Strong and Carry On

    Nothing makes “wine o’clock” come sooner than noticing a little extra hair coming out in the shower or looking in the mirror to find thinning hair in place of your once-ample locks. You want to feel and look healthy. Luckily, aloe is like a multivitamin for your scalp, helping your hair grow faster, thicker, and stronger. Full of vitamins A, C, and E, aloe promotes healthy cell growth to restore your strands, helping to combat thinning hair, and with B12, collagen and folic acid, it can prevent and even reverse hair loss.

  2. Embrace Your Shine

    Aloe grows wild in the tropics, so naturally it helps with shine. Not only does its rich vitamin content add shine and luster to your hair, but it contains properties that safely removes excess oil and residue as well. Aloe even helps repair damage from excess heat and UV rays, letting you share your glow worry-free in the sunshine.

  3. Ditch the Itch

    Whether you’re dealing with dandruff or inflammation, a scaly, irritated scalp is a huge blow to your comfort and your confidence. Proven as a treatment for dandruff, aloe also carries 18 fatty acids, offering anti-inflammatory relief to your scalp. Aloe and plant-based moisturizing shampoos and conditioners work wonders for an itchy scalp, and allow your natural beauty to shine through without the use of harmful chemicals. 

  4. Do Less Harm 

    For centuries, indigenous peoples have used aloe for safe and gentle internal cleansing. The same qualities that allow for inner cleansing work for our hair. Aloe is effective at cleaning your hair deeply, without damaging the hair shaft. It is strong enough to wash away the day’s wear-and-tear, but mellow enough to protect the natural integrity of your tresses. 

Let Aloe Work Its Magic with Onesta

Onesta knows that the key to healthy, beautiful hair isn’t synthesized in a lab, but grown in nature. Along with other botanical ingredients, Onesta shampoos and conditioners contain multi-beneficial, miracle-working aloe. Restore and sustain your natural beauty hair with Onesta. Order today at


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