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The Essential Hair-Healthy Meal Plan

The Essential Hair-Healthy Meal Plan

For many people, food is a love language. It’s how we connect with friends and family, how we share our cultures and traditions, and how we celebrate life’s happy moments. Food can also be the love language you share with your hair. Like our skin, the condition of our hair is often an indicator of our internal health and wellness. By ensuring your diet is full of key vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you give your hair the internal support it needs to be full and healthy. To bring more health to your hair, Onesta has compiled an easy-to-follow hair care meal plan chock full of the foods your hair needs to thrive.

1. Start Your Day With a Beautifying Breakfast

Breakfast foods are great sources of some of your hair’s most vital nutrients. Because hair follicles are primarily made of protein, insufficient protein can lead to brittleness and hair loss. Packed with protein and biotin, which is essential for the production of keratin, eggs support hair growth and strength. They also contain zinc which promotes a healthy, flake-free scalp. Smoothies are another amazing way to superload your morning with hair-healthy ingredients. Toss in some spinach or other dark leafy greens for iron, an essential nutrient for hair growth, as well as vitamin A which helps moisturize your scalp. Berries are packed with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant which fights free radicals, promotes the production of hair-strengthening collagen, helps heal damaged hair and aids in the absorption of iron. Other hair-care breakfast foods include fortified cereals, whole grains and flax seeds. 

2. Snack Your Way to Stronger Hair

We all love to snack, so it’s great to know that snacking can be part of your hair care routine. Packed with vitamin E and protein, nuts are an easy snack to enjoy on your journey to stronger, thicker hair. Vitamin E is believed to not only trigger hair growth but also moisturize the scalp, heal damaged hair and add shine to your locks. Enjoy some sweet peppers for a crisp, fresh treat full of antioxidants. For added benefits, dip your peppers in hummus for even more zinc, protein and biotin. Enjoyed on their own or in a dip, avocados contain essential fatty acids that your body can’t produce on its own. Essential building blocks for your cells, these fatty acids are an important fighter of hair loss, and provide a moisturizing glow from within. Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, crispy soy beans and dried seaweed are also easy go-to hair care snacks. 

3. Make Lunch and Dinner Count

Add hair care to the menu for lunch and dinner each day. Fatty fish like salmon, mackerel or albacore tuna make great main events for your lunch and dinner and are incredible for giving your hair essential nutrients. Full of protein, B vitamins and vitamin D3, these fish promote stronger, fuller hair. Fatty fish also contains selenium, a powerful antioxidant which helps support thyroid function and can provide much-needed help to damaged hair. For vegetarians, kidney beans, soybeans and other legumes provide a great source of protein and abundant zinc, iron and folate. Round out your meal with some dark leafy greens and your choice of yellow and orange veggies, such as sweet potatoes, carrots or squash, which contain beta carotene, an essential component of vitamin A production. 

Feed Your Hair with Onesta

Onesta creates all of our salon-quality products with your hair’s health in mind. While you nourish your locks from within, our line of clean and honest hair care provides you with added nutritional benefits while you go about your daily routine. With ingredients like avocado oil, kelp and citrus, Onesta’s shampoos and conditioners are packed with the nutrients your hair needs the most to be its healthiest. To find the optimal hair nourishment for your goals, take our hair care quiz. We’ll recommend the products that will provide the best support for whatever your hair needs may be. Start feeding your hair inside and out today. We’ll help you get started

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