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Harmful Ingredients That Are Hurting Your Hair (and the Planet)

Harmful Ingredients That Are Hurting Your Hair (and the Planet)

Have you ever seen words like “rejuvenate”, “repair”, and “moisturize” on hair products? While these pleasant verbs may entice you to buy, they may not tell the truth about the quality of the product. These products often have dozens of harmful chemicals. The majority of these chemical additives are the subject of clear, verified research, proving them to be damaging and dangerous. 

Furthermore, synthetic compounds do not compose in the same way and at the same pace that natural ingredients would. For this reason, and due to the energy-intensive manner in which they are manufactured, these chemicals are harmful for the environment as well.

Here are the main culprits you should avoid when investing in hair care products.


At Onesta, we never use sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate, which are industrial-grade detergents, usually added for their degreasing properties. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be used to clean the exteriors and engine parts of automobiles. Sulfates are too harsh for our hair and bodies, stripping away moisture and leaving us prone to dry, irritated scalps.


The industry is finally catching up on this one – you may have even seen “paraben-free” on a bottle before. Parabens are added to inhibit the growth of bacteria, with the intention of prolonging the shelf life of products. However, they have also been shown to interfere with natural hormone function, particularly in women. As an estrogenic product, parabens are linked to breast cancer. Rather than add parabens to our products, Onesta uses plant-based, self-preserving ingredients. 

Synthetic Emulsifiers

Onesta chooses not to use Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA).  DEA and TEA are two common chemicals with foaming properties. These chemicals are derived from ammonia, and can cause serious eye and skin irritation. Don’t put your body at risk, choose a shampoo with naturally-inspired ingredients.

Synthetic Dyes and Fragrances

Studies have shown that nearly all synthetic colors in hair care products reliably cause cancer in animals. They also contain heavy metals or coal tar that can be toxic to the skin. Synthetic fragrances can disrupt hormone functionality. Onesta uses plant-based, botanical ingredients for all coloring and fragrances. 


Some hair products add Propylene and Butylene Glycol to help your hair absorb moisture; however, they are extremely harsh and are common ingredients in antifreeze and automotive coolant. These can obviously have disastrous effects on the skin, so Onesta chooses to leave them out. 

Unfortunately, the list could be much longer. Formaldehyde donors, isothiazolinones, tetrasodium EDTA, among hundreds of other ingredients, commonly find their way into commercial hair products.  When choosing the journey for your hair care, it’s vital to choose products that opt out of using these chemicals. After all, great hair shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your health.

The Onesta Difference

Take charge of your health and treat yourself the right way. At Onesta, we deeply value your health and well-being, which is why we develop and distribute the best plant-based hair care products on the market. Visit our online shop to explore what we have to offer, and use the code ONE25 for 25% off your first order. To get in touch and learn how you can pursue a healthier, gentler path for beauty, send us a note here.


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