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4 Little Ways to Do a Lot of Good, Every Day

4 Little Ways to Do a Lot of Good, Every Day

We all want to live strong, meaningful lives. However, the task of making a positive impact can sometimes seem difficult to manifest. Rest assured, there is power in your everyday actions that can lead to lots of good for you, your community, and the earth. Before getting caught up in the grand scheme of things, start at square one.

Start Each Day Intentionally

Beginning your day by responding to whatever is demanding your attention at the moment – your email inbox, the news, or social media – is a surefire way to start yourself off on the wrong foot. By ingesting this (likely discouraging content), you are priming your mind and body to be in a stress state. You have already adopted a reactionary stance to your day, and there is a chance you will remain there unless you make a concerted effort to reroute.

Instead, establish a morning routine that injects intentionality and focus into your day. Don’t look at your phone as soon as you open your eyes. If you pray or meditate, try starting your day with these exercises. Visualization is also a powerful tool: calm your breathing and picture the various activities in the upcoming day progressing smoothly and efficiently. Then carefully emerge from your relaxed state, and proceed through those activities with focus and diligence.

Choose Habits that Promote Your Health

Overall health is multifaceted – if one area is neglected, it can undermine beneficial habits in other areas. Make sure you are:

  • Eating clean meals with natural ingredients with little to no processed additives
  • Staying adequately hydrated
  • Receiving enough vitamin D by spending time outdoors, where possible
  • Engaging in some form of physical activity every day
  • Avoiding people, places, and activities that cause you mental stress
  • Following a healthy sleep schedule

Your health is the baseline from which you operate – ensure it is well-cared for.

Practice Daily Sustainability

Your small, daily actions can make a meaningful difference to the health of the earth. Recycle in accordance with your local ordinances, and opt into a composting program if available.

Avoid energy intensive processes and devices, reduce your use of plastic, and opt for plant based materials when shopping. Try to conceptualize the amount of difference you are making not as one single action, but thousands of actions over the course of your lifetime – not to mention the influence these habits could have on family and friends.

Use Nature-Inspired Products

When it comes to self-care products, the vast majority contain harmful chemicals and unnatural compounds that are included in the interest of product shelf life, not hair care. Natural beauty starts with the ingredients: don’t let the corporate hair care giants expose you to potential harm.

At Onesta, we consider ourselves thought leaders among hair product manufacturers. Healthy hair is a key ingredient of healthy habits and healthy life. Treat your body well by investing in naturally-derived products that promote your health and are produced sustainably.

The Onesta Difference

Take charge of your health and treat yourself the right way. At Onesta, we develop and distribute the best plant-based, hair products on the market. Visit our online shop to explore what we have to offer, and use the code ONE25 for 25% off your first order. To get in touch and learn how you can pursue clean, green beauty, send us a note here.

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